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Korke & Judith

Korke & Judith

Korke and Judith are the couple of Spanish origin. They take five years on the international circuit of bachata, being one of its greatest exponents.

They have traveled all over the world with their shows and workshops. They are renowned for their choreographies of sensual bachata fused with different styles, and considered great choreographers and trendsetter in this field. Besides teaching at numerous festivals in the world, they have taught many of the instructors and artists that today are recognized worldwide.


JUDITH CORDERO from very young age practiced ballet and rhythmic gymnastics.

Eight years ago she began her career in the field of Latin dances.

She joined the company of salsa Dancing Dragons proclaimed salsa champions of Spain in 2008, led by Jorge Escalona (Korke).

After that Judith and Korke decided to start their solo career until today.

Judith is considered one of the best bachata dancers in the world for her transmission capacity on stage her teaching and her dancing style.


KORKE is the creator of the style known as BACHATA SENSUAL.

Has been teaching over 12 years this style, and it is his reference worldwide.

Called the "master of masters", he put his hand to many champions at all levels, as well as lots of top dancers.

His style is one of the most danced world-wide today, also because many of the instructors on the planet has been trained by him.

He likes doing choreography fused with all kinds of styles creating these trends.


The names of Korke and Judith represent BACHATA SENSUAL - masters, teachers and pioneers in the style.

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